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6 reasons why now is the right time to kick off your IT projects.

Posted 25 June 2020

 1     Covid-19 has forced the consumer market into the Digital world. Many companies need to upgrade their current platforms, supply chains and ERP systems. If companies are not digitally E-ready, they will be left behind.

 2     In the past when we had IT skill shortages, we were able to import talent from overseas. Who knows how long our borders are going to be shut?

 3     The big banks are being required to comply with a new banking standard BS11 which requires them to implement significant change to the way they handle customer data. This effectively means having to store critical information within the NZ borders. To manage this data will require a large increase in their IT staffing levels and take many IT specialists out of the marketplace.

 4     Westpac have announced they are moving their IT systems to Auckland with 250 staff affected. How many will want to move from their hometown and who will replace them?

  5     During Covid-19 some fantastic IT Contractors have been released onto the market while companies’ handbraked critical projects. Those companies can only delay those projects for so long before it starts to hurt the business

 6     Most available IT contractors are negotiable on their charge out rates and will never be cheaper or as readily available.

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