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6 reasons why now is the right time to kick off your IT projects.

Posted 25 June 2020

 1     Covid-19 has forced the consumer market into the Digital world. Many companies need to upgrade their current platforms, supply chains and ERP systems. If companies are not digitally E-ready, they will be left behind.  2     In the past when we had IT skill shortages, we were able to import talent from overseas. Who knows how long our borders are going to be shut?  3     The big banks are being required to comply with a new banking standard BS11[https://www.rbnz.govt.nz/-/media/ReserveBank/Files/regulation-and-supervision/banks/banking-supervision-handbook/bs11.pdf?la=en] which requires them to implement significant change to the way they handle customer data. This effectively means having to store critical information within the NZ borders. To manage this data will ... Read more

The future is digital!

Posted 1 May 2020

 Did you know that Digital business is growing 5 x's faster than bricks and mortar? Covid-19 is forcing the consumer into the digital world faster than expected... If you're not ready for a digital engagement you'll be left behind. We can help you with your digital specialists from Archiects to Project specialists call or e-mail[sitetree_link,id=10] now. RESTART your business with us. 1 Read more


Posted 23 March 2020

Talent Vault Group is open for business although not quite as usual. As of 24th March 2020 Talent Vaults great team will be working from home. Our Database and Sever allow us to work from anywhere. Our Guarantee is... We'll still send you great pre-screened candidates but we may not have personally met them, yet. We'll still be reference, criminal and finance checking everyone whose offered a role. We're still there for you.         Read more

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