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Happy 10 year Birthday to us

Posted 2 July 2019

Happy 10 Year Birthday to us. Thanks to all to our wonderful Contractors, Candidates and Clients, we couldn't have done it without you. It's been a fantastic 10 year partnership! Cheers to many more celebrations...Yum cake1 Cake2 Read more

Talent Vault Group is going Carbon Zero

Posted 6 June 2019

trees       Talent Vault Group has chosen Environment Day to be the first day of our journey to become a carbon zero business. We have been in business for 10 years and today we are planting trees with https://www.treesthatcount.co.nz/[https://www.treesthatcount.co.nz/] as the first step to offset our carbon footprint. Read more

AI in Financial Services industry

Posted 22 February 2019

Nicky and Alli really enjoyed the Tech Alliance presentation last night exploring how AI will transform the customer experience across the financial services industry. Thanks for an insightful and inspiring presentation. NZ, and specifically the fintech market is clearly a leader in AI, with all the use-cases happening throughout the industry right now.  With this exciting new journey kicking off, the need for new talent is going to be a global challenge, and one that we're not only pumped to be involved in, but also inspired to being part of the solution. The future looks amazing!   Fintech     Read more

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