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7 ways to win the TALENT BATTLE – The balance of POWER has shifted.

Posted 17 April 2015

 “Talented IT Candidates are now in charge, they are winning the talent war and now have the luxury of multiple job offers - how do you ensure they accept your job offer!”


 1. Ensure you have a great Employer brand!

Look after your staff, they are your greatest asset, offer flexible work hours, let them work from home. There’s no room for the bully Managers, it may work in a recession but not in this market. The word will spread and people will see you as an employer of choice.


 2. Have a strong social and professional network, be seen to be the market leader in your field

Be appealing to potential talent who want to work and grow with you.

  3.Retain your great staff!

Do what it takes to retain your great staff…understand their individual needs, don’t leave your mission statements on the wall. If you don’t lose them you won’t need to replace them.  The cost of rehiring, retraining and business disruption is huge.

 4. Ensure that every dealing and touch point with candidates is a good experience

Have a strong recruitment process in place to retain CV's, manage candidate’s expectations, advise them if they are unsuccessful, reject candidates appropriately, it matters. It’s your market perception.

 5. Know what you want.

Ensure you have a firm idea of the appropriate talent / skills you want, don’t use the market place to test the water, it will backfire. Measure your successful employees and know what makes them successful.

 6. Have a strong internal recruitment process in place but make it quick.

Use your great staff to find other great staff. Offer internal referral rewards, offer sign-on bonuses. Be creative. But once you’ve got them you need to process them and quickly. Line Managers need to be aware that if they want the talent they need to be flexible and set aside time from their busy schedules to screen and interview. Ensure internal approval, candidate probity and documentation is as efficient and quick as possible. Remember time kills deals.

 7. Create strong relationships with good reputable recruiters and let them in.

Truly partner with good recruiters and let them under the bonnet, let them see the good, the bad and the ugly. If they are good they will find the right person for you and should always have your company’s best interests at heart.

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