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Talent Vault Contracting is all about making your contractor  search easier.

Below are a few helpful information hints about the contractor market, your resume, and the job interview.

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The Market

The contractor talent market is always competitive. Even though the global population  is growing, the world still appears to be getting smaller

– thanks to the Internet and people being happy to relocate

These changes mean there is  is strong global competition for the best contractor talent and client opportunities. That’s why it’s important to stand out from competing candidates.

Consider the following when thinking about a career move:

  • Have a great Resume (see example below)
  • Ensure all your online profiles are up-to-date and accurate
  • Make sure your e-mail application is relevant, easy to read and succinct (Use bullet points)
  • Network often. Talk to friends, acquaintances, relatives and ex-colleagues
  • Attend business-related seminars and industry events
  • Be well prepared for your interview (see interview tips below)
  • Do not  compromise. Know what you’re interested in and what you’re worth!

The Resume

Your resume is the window to your career. Often it is the only chance you have to showcase your skills and experience, so make sure it glows.

We’ve included a sample below, which should get you off to a good start. Plus the following tips will help ensure your resume is considered:

  • Modify your CV for each role.
  • Focus your skills on the appropriate opportunity
  • When writing your CV  put yourself in the shoes of the designated reader
  • It must be easy to read, with a universal font design like Arial, Helvetica or Times Roman
  • Use bullet points to summarise and highlight key points
  • Keep it relatively short. People are time poor
  • Don’t include photographs; you want to sell yourself in person.


Write your own resume using this CV template.

The Interview

Before the Interview:

  • You need to thoroughly understand the client and their business. Research them using the web, your contacts and the business pages of national media
  • Ensure you fully understand the job before the interview
  • Consider the pre-requisite skills and ensure you have examples to prove that you match those requirements.

The Day of the Interview

  • Know where you are going and be punctual, it is inexcusable to be late or too early (Maximum 10 mins early)
  • Remember the full name and title of the interviewer
  • Anticipate questions based on the role description
  • Prepare relevant questions for the client
  • Ensure you  are ready to  explain both the jobs you had and any employment gaps
  • Dress accordingly. We recommend wearing a suit
  • Remember eye contact and a firm handshake
  • A good interviewer will ask you behavioral questions, which require real life examples from your past – be prepared for this
  • Most interviewers will start with small talk to relax a candidate. Remember to act professionally at all times
  • Never be derogatory towards previous employers
  • When asked always be honest about your roles and experiences regardless of the outcomes.


The Conclusion of the Interview

  • Ask yourself if you really understand the position. If in doubt, ask!
  • If you are interested in the role, state that to them.
  • Ask them what the next step is if they have not already explained their process to you.
  • Do not discuss your salary expectations unless you are specifically asked. Otherwise refer them back to us for the financial discussions.
  • Thank the interviewer for his / her time
  • Don't forget to ring your recruitment consultant straight after the interview while its still fresh in your mind



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