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"The online timesheet system is fantastic and SO much easier. No need for scanners and multiple emails :-)”

“It is super easy to use - I love it :-)”



Thank you so much for finding me an ideal role in a company that will live all the values that were most important to me and in a sector I was most interested in experiencing


Biz Talk - Senior Developer.

“I have worked with Steve when searching for candidates for some hard to fill IT roles. I found Steve to have a very professional, thorough and up front approach. He worked hard to find the right candidates for the role and after a lengthy search he found the perfect match. I'd definitely recommend Steve as someone to work with when looking for a quality recruiter.”

Jonathan C

Team Leader - CRM Architecture, Large Telco

“Steve is a thoroughly professional individual who has a deep understanding of the market, opportunities and the right fit. Steve never wastes your time and stays completely focused throughout. A great example in his chosen profession.”

Craig A

Portfolio Strategy Manager, Large Telco

Tracey Diamond is a seasoned professional who has delivered outstanding results each occasion I've worked with her. Personable, enthusiastic and results-focused - I'd engage her again in a flash.

Cameron Hall

Programme Manager

My professional dealings with Tracey Diamond have woven through the past 25 years.  During this time, Tracey has been the only constant in a changing and at times, hostile business landscape.  As a result of the amount of time Tracey has been active in the New Zealand recruitment industry and the ongoing relationships that have been fostered, Tracey has developed an expansive understanding of both the client and candidate needs to identify the best fit for a successful placement.  Some of my placements through Tracey have resulted in significant career uplifts, and long-term rolling contracts of many years tenure.  This is attributable to Tracey’s ability to match the requirements of her client’s needs with the capabilities and potential of her candidates. 


From a personal perspective, Tracey is a fun, warm and engaging person who has always made me feel valued and has worked hard for me at times when the market has been challenging.

Debbie Armstrong


“Steve has great credibility. He has industry expertise (which can be rare in recruiters) and is straightforward and honest in his approach.” October 16, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity 

Stephen Tysoe

Programme Manager, Govt Department

“Steve is a top recruiter and manager with a talent for understanding both the client and candidate requirements in a recruiting engagement. He and his team have consistently presented me with quality candidates that closely meet my needs.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 

Sean Kemball

Consultant Manager, Vendor

Thanks Alli

I was losing hope finding another role but you made it quicker.

You're the most awesome recruiter i've met so far, so Kudos to you :)

Redden M


“I have always known Steve to be a keen and enthusiastic worker with clear goals and objectives in mind. He is innovative and thorough in everything he undertakes.” October 18, 2008

Steve Sturgess

Application Services Manager, Transpower

“I have known Steve for over 5 years and have found him to be someone in the IT Industry in New Zealand that has integrity and high professional standards. Good to find someone like him to work with in this industry.”

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity 

Alan C

IT Manager, Utilities Organisation

“Steve is an upfront, guy who tells it like it is. When being hired by Steve to work for IBM & Air New Zealand he was able to represent the companies to me and me to them in such away that both parties were happy. He is professional, very knowledgeable in the industries he works in and a vey amiable person all round. It has been a pleasure to him.” October 16, 2008

Bob Boxall

Programme Manager, IBM/Air New Zealand

I have found Talent Vault to be open and honest, and not afraid to ‘tell it how it is.’ This behaviour is very healthy and refreshing to deal with.

Apart from fixing the global economy, I don’t know what Talent Vault could have done better.

I appreciated that Talent Vault not only passed my name on to other agencies, I was even provided names of employers that were hiring, who at the time were not customers of Talent Vault. To me this is a sign of professional care and integrity, a marked differentiator in a market dominated by incompetence, discourtesy, and indifference.

Glyn Davies

Project Manager, Auckland Transport

Hi Nicky - Thanks for your time yesterday to discuss my future role and my CV, I took away some great insight into myself and my career.






I have worked with Tracey on both sides of the recruitment desk. First as an executive contractor for various short term roles, that I required and secondly as a source for recruiting executive positions. In both cases I found Tracey to be a very trust worthy and honest business colleague. Tracey always gave me a full and honest appraisal of the current recruitment environment and worked extremely diligently to fulfill the requirements I had

Wayne Howett


May I just say, your company's time sheet system is great, your contractor processes are fantastic, and I appreciate how quickly and clearly you communicate the details. Talent Vault is without a doubt 1st place as my favourite recruiter of 2016! 



Active Contractor

“I have had reason to contact Steve over the years whilst looking for employment opportunities. He has always represented me in a professional manner and keeps me informed of the status of my application, a key element in the client/agent relationship. I would recommend Steve to any one who wishes to be professional represented when engaged in a career move”

Jack Boettcher

Project Manager, EDS (NZ) Limited

Tracey is one of Auckland's most outstanding executive level consultants within the recruitment and executive leasing market. Tracey's detailed understanding of the client's requirements (both employer and candidate ) results in win-win combinations. Tracey is highly professional and personable and has always been great to work with.

Tony Lemmens


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